Monday 2nd May: Anata

On Monday 2nd May we made the short journey from Ramallah to Anata, a small village outside of Jerusalem on the outskirts of which the Khir Shan bedouin community have been forced to settle.

Upon arriving we were led to a small community centre and were happy to find some lovely whitewash walls, perfect for screening a film! Of all the communities we are to visit this is one of the more modern living, complete with a play park, community centre and electricity, however, they still live uncomfortably close to the ever-growing settlements that are springing up around them. A tentative trickle of mainly men and children soon became a growing crowd as word spread that we had come to screen a film.

Children in the play park before the screening

However, unfortunately the screening wasn’t to be and after a few technical hitches we were eventually faced with a full scale power cut. After some deliberation we decided that it was too late to get the generator up and running, so agreed with the local Sheikh to return the following week.

Playing games while sorting out the technical problems!

A few sweet teas later and our reliable 4×4 was making its way back across the rocky terrain, herded out by swarms of excitable children.

Enjoying the film just before the electricity went down


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