Wednesday 11th May: Fasayil

A Bedouin tent set up for screening

On Wednesday we drove out to one of the most remote communities we’ve visited yet, far removed from the city scape of Jericho or Ramallah the Ein Samiya community resides amid the dry and arid desert, without running water or electricity.

A boy from the audience

As we passed the tractors used for bringing in water from nearby towns (for which they pay an unusually high price) and the drying tobacco from which much of the community earns their living, we came upon a tent erected especially for our screening purposes.

Inside there was a small turnout, primarily comprising of elders who, once given the choice, opted to see Budrus.

Careful attention was paid throughout by the audience who were eager to discuss the events that occurred in the film, in particular their concern about the validity of what an Israeli soldier had to say in one of the interviews.

A man from the audience

But overall it was agreed that they found much inspiration in story of Budrus, in particular, it was pointed out, because of the community’s close living proximity to an Israeli military compound which frequently caused them concern and harassment.

A bed out for sleeping in the open!


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